Belize Property For Sale

This site is to provide more in depth information about properties for sale in Belize and some additional questions you may have about relocating to this small country on the Caribbean.

Welcome to Belize!

Imagine saying this to your guests, family and friends, as they step off the plane when they come to visit you at your home in Belize.  Or imagine saying this to the guests who come to stay at your resort, your bed and breakfast, your working farm, your hotel.    As you transport your family and friends or your guests and clients throughout the countryside, to the sea, to a lagoon, to a Maya monument or through the jungle, think of the pride and joy you will feel knowing that you made the choice to make this beautiful paradise part of your life.

There are so many reasons for making Belize your new home, your second home or part of your home collection.  The climate is always a good reason, and yet there are better ones.  The primary language is English so all legal transactions are conducted in English.  No costly translations, and since English is the primary language you can start enjoying your new life right away, interacting with the friendly people throughout the country.  Another good reason is that non-Belizeans have the same rights regarding property ownership as Belizeans.  Once you purchase the property it is yours.

Browse through the site, and contact me for any questions you may have.

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